Domain Specific Architecture is about harnessing the winds of change to sway the computing industry back to its first principles.

- Allan Cantle

Carving out a better path

Means questioning the status quo

How will our industry accommodate the ever-increasing need for higher customized performance at a practical machine size and power consumption?

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The goal of Nallasway

To create a community that redefines the building blocks of computing architecture

Allan Cantle is CEO of Nallasway, a consulting company in the area of Distributed, Heterogeneous, High-Performance Computing Solutions. 

Most recently, Allan was CTO of the ISI group within Molex, from 2018 to July 2020, after Nallatech acquired BittWare and rebranded to the BittWare name. 

Allan founded, and was with Nallatech, for 25 years where he held two positions. He was CEO from 1993 thru 2005 where he had full P&L responsibility, growing Nallatech’s revenue at a 50% CAGR over the latter 6 year period. He then became the President and Founder from 2006 to 2018 where he was responsible for Nallatech’s Product Roadmap based around solving real application problems with the best heterogeneous computing solutions. 

Key to this role was building deep collaborative alliances with computing industry partners that included helping Intel understand the relevance of FPGAs for Compute Acceleration in 2007 to helping IBM integrate FPGAs into their System Z and POWER platforms. 

Allan held positions on the board of OpenPOWER in 2017 as well as the chairman of the OpenPOWER Accelerator workgroup for 3 years. 

Before founding Nallatech; Allan was an Electronics Systems Engineer at BAE Systems, designing and building real-time heterogeneous high-performance computers. He holds a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Plymouth, UK.