Nallasway is fundamentally based in the establishment and value of collaboration through  ecosystems developing trusted partnerships. These partnerships bring about the democratization of the computing industry enabling far more rapid innovation and progress.  


My career has been based around embracing the geek mentality of my field and celebrating forward-thinking technical intellect. I revel in whiteboarding ideas with colleagues and clients from multiple disciplines to conceptualize, and build highly efficient computing systems tailored to specific problems; more commonly known as “Domain-Specific Architectures”.

My talent and knowledge lie in my adept understanding of real-time, low latency, heterogeneous computing platforms for demanding applications, and my ability to use those talents to build deeply rooted relationships with aggressive pioneering corporations.

As a senior executive with decades of experience creating innovative solutions and building teams of diverse talent, I understand positioning businesses to have the right solutions at the right time. I embrace my technological renegade inside by welcoming the contrary forces around building and delivering evolutionary technology in a revolutionary way. You must be able to observe and distill the trends in technology and industry.   

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Previous Experience

Molex, Camarillo, CA — CTO, ISI Group
November 2018 – July 2020
Computer Architecture, Business & Ecosystem Development

Nallatech, Bristol UK & Camarillo, CA — President & Founder
January 2006 – November 2018
HPC FPGA Compute Acceleration – Vision, Strategy, & Execution

Nallatech, Scotland— CEO & Founder
August 1995 – December 2005
FPGA Computing Vision, Strategy & Leadership. Founded & Organically grew Nallatech to $3M of profitable revenue before raising $4M VC investment in Dec 1999 & growing at 26% CAGR to $12M by 2005.

MBDA Missile Systems, Bristol, UK — Systems Engineer
September 1982 – July 1995
Designed & built a Real-Time Digital Video Recorder
Designed & built Augmented Reality Simulators for Missile Systems. Responsible for live missile firings against our simulators on Trials.

Public Presentations by Allan

IET Chartered Engineer, 1992

IET Institution Prize, 1988